FILM : Hum Chitra Banate Hai (We Make Images)

We Make Images is an animated interpretation of an origin myth from the Bhil community in Madhya Pradesh, India. For the Bhil community painting is like offering a prayer and the film reveals why. The film is a collaboration between the indigenous artist Sher Singh from the community and the film maker Nina Sabnani that explores ways of telling together. 



A BHIL STORY (An Illustrated Book)

A Bhil Story was developed during a workshop at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, supported by the Tata Centre for Technology and Design after which Nina and her team travelled with Sher Singh to his village. They recorded the story in the voices of the villagers for an animated film called Ek Bhil Ni Varta, from which the book evolved. The entire collaboration has created a stunning picture book that is humorous and dramatic.

These are a few pictures from the Book Launch of 'A Bhil Story' at the Artisans' Mumbai.

10991362_10152535395191455_2267192625792496096_n bhil book launch


Get the book from Tulika Publishers.